MILIOSMini Infrared Laser Identification Observation Set
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5) For discussions of Schumpeter's relationship with and intellectual debt to Hilferding, as well as to the broader Austro-Marxist tradition, see Bottomore and Goode (1978: 24-5, 35-6) and Michaelides and Milios (2005).
In a similar study, Gordon, Milios, and Grove (1991) found physiotherapists were particularly concerned with athletes' negative attitudes for not following home-based rehabilitation procedures and their lack of regard for attending clinic rehabilitation appointments.
Continuing its oppression of controversial ideological views, the government has barred numerous foreign scholars and activists from entering the country, including Tariq Ramadan (prevented from assuming a tenured position at the University of Notre Dame); Bolivian historian Waskar Ari (who had been offered a teaching position at the University of Nebraska); Greek economist Yoannis Milios (who had been invited to speak at the University of New York at Stoneybrook), and South African human rights activist Adam Habib (who had been invited to meet with officials from the World Bank and the National Institutes of Health).
Los temas de mas discusion fueron mejoras en h caridad de ensenanza, cambios en los examenes de prueba, promocion de envolvimiento de la comunidad e intervenciones para participar y no atacar", dijo Melissa Milios de Houston A-Plus Challenge.
John Milios teaches political economy and the history of economic thought at the National Technical University in Athens.
Professor Milios was scheduled to deliver a paper at Stony Brook's Center for the Study of Working Class Life on "How Class Works--2006.
Melissa Milios, spokeswoman for Canter, said another topic of discussion will be the search for a new superintendent to replace Romer before his intended fall departure.
Milios and the five "shift editors" earn between eight and 10 dollars an hour for five to 10 hours of work per week.
I hate it when Elizabeth Milios yells at a kid who is crying because he is having problems with his ex-girlfriend.
A former children's magazine editor, Milios is now an educational consultant on developing self-esteem and enhancing creativity.