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MIL. R. EVID.Military Rule of Evidence
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rule," much in the same way that Military Rule of Evidence 311
Accordingly, even though Federal Rule of Evidence 404(a)(1) is identical to Military Rule of Evidence 404(a)(1), the admissibility of character evidence in courts-martial differs from evidentiary practice in civilian trials.
Unlike subparagraph (d)(1), which has been ignored by the military rules of evidence, subparagraph (d)(2) is implemented by Military Rule of Evidence 804(a).
15) Military Rule of Evidence 607 allows the TC to attack SPC Snuffy's credibility.
The modern military attorney-client privilege takes two related but distinctly different forms: (1) An evidentiary privilege defined by Military Rule of Evidence 502 and military case law, which prevents an opponent from discovering and using privileged communications in preparing for litigation or compelling their disclosure at trial, and (2) an ethical duty, allowing a claim of privilege which is generally broader in scope than its evidentiary cousin, and is defined by various state and military rules of professional conduct.
Military Rule of Evidence 1006 permits "the contents of voluminous writings, recordings, and photographs which cannot conveniently be examined in court" to "be presented as a chart, summary, or calculation.
Flippin, Military Rule of Evidence (MRE) 513: A Shield to Protect Communications of Victims and Witnesses to Psychotherapists, ARMY LAW.
5) Military Rule of Evidence 613 details the rules for examining a witness on a prior statement and when extrinsic evidence of a prior inconsistent statement may be admitted.
Notwithstanding the prohibition on reading documents to the fact-finder which have not yet been admitted into evidence, Military Rule of Evidence (MRE) 612 does allow a witness to read a document to herself to refresh her memory.
During this term, the CAAF decided cases involving evidence of consent in aggravated sexual contact cases; (3) the defenses of obedience to orders and mistake of law; instructions on propensity under Military Rule of Evidence (MRE) 414; inadmissible testimony of expert witnesses; and lesser included offenses.
11) For the definition of relevant, the discussion to RCM 701(b) and (f) points to the definition found in Military Rule of Evidence (MRE) 401.
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