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MSCAMaster Source Code Agreement
MSCAMechanical Service Contractors of America
MSCAMilitary Support to Civil Authorities
MSCAMicrosoft Certified Systems Administrator
MSCAMassachusetts Systems Contractors Association (Sharon, MA)
MSCAMissing Cargo (shipment accuracy)
MSCAMobile Supply Chain Application
MSCAMarque Sports Car Association
MSCAMulti-Site Cooperative Agreement
MSCAMinnesota State Chess Association
MSCAMississippi Scholastic Chess Organization
MSCAMaster-at-Arms of the Society for Creative Anachronism
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Military support to civil authorities (MSCA) refers to assistance to civilian governmental entities--Federal, state, or local--that the services may provide to help manage a crisis, attack, or calamity.
11) The trend in Kosovo, then, has been to move beyond CIMIC by establishing joint action procedures for routine military support to civil authorities.
The Force Protection Handbook, delivered in both hard copy and interactive CD-ROM versions, deals with vulnerabilities, prevention, reaction, consequence management, and military support to civil authorities.
JRAC-HI also utilizes a defense-coordinating officer for providing military support to civil authorities following natural or man-made disasters in Hawaii, American Samoa and neighboring islands.
Two north-to-south and two south-to-north military support to civil authorities exchanges have taken place involving military and civilian disaster response specialists.
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