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MAICMine Action Information Center
MAICMatching-Adjusted Indirect Comparison (clinical trials; statistical method)
MAICMycobacterium Avium Intracellulare Complex
MAICMinneapolis American Indian Center (Minneapolis, MN)
MAICMilitary-Academic-Industrial Complex (online aggregator; Firefox add-on)
MAICMid Atlantic Impreza Club
MAICMeasure, Analyse, Improve, Control (Six Sigma breakthrough strategy)
MAICMedical Alliance Insurance Company (Naperville, Illinois)
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The second part of the book addresses the implications and long-term consequences of the national security state, examining topics such as the development of the military-academic-industrial complex, the political legacy of TrumanAEs national security policies, and Truman and the origins of AmericaAEs global military presence.
Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett was a key member of the international circle of scientists who led the Allied defense research efforts of World War II, and he was the heart and soul of the Cold War military-academic-industrial complex.
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