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MUNMilk Urea Nitrogen
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85 SEM, standard error of the mean; ECM, energy-corrected milk; DMI, Dry matter intake; MUN, milk urea nitrogen.
A statistical evaluation of animal and nutritional factors influencing concentrations of milk urea nitrogen.
Concentration of milk urea nitrogen and somatic cell counts: In Canadian dairy breeds (Holstein and Ayrshires) the concentration of milk urea nitrogen increases over parities, whereas lactose percentage decreases in later parities.
Butler WR, Calaman JJ, Beam SW (1996) Plasma and milk urea nitrogen in relation to pregnancy rate in lactating dairy cattle.
Milk urea nitrogen target concentrations for lactating dairy cows fed according to national research council recommendations.
A sub-sample of the composite was analyzed for milk urea nitrogen according to the method of Roseler et al.
milking on two consecutive days (days 25 and 26), and analyzed for fat, protein, lactose, total solids (TS), solids not fat (SNF) and milk urea nitrogen (MUN) at the Central Milk testing Laboratory of Tehran.
Milk urea nitrogen (MUN) in defatted milk samples was determined using a colorimetric diagnostic kit (Sigma Diagnostics, St.
Milk urea nitrogen (MUN) was determined using Sigma kits #640 (Sigma Diagnostics, St.