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MEQSMilliequivalents (measurement)
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The peroxide value remained below 7 milliequivalents of peroxide per kg of oil.
was started on an infusion of normal saline with 20 milliequivalents of potassium chloride per liter at 125 cc/hr.
Net acid excretion rose from baseline levels of 61 milliequivalents per day to 116 during the severely carbohydrate-restricted diet phase.
Alberto de la Rocha, a 48-year-old Timmins surgeon, was charged with second-degree murder after giving an injection of 20 milliequivalents of KC1 to a 68-year-old dying patient afflicted with cancer of the mouth, cheek, and lungs.
However, measurements of floodplain soils averaged 44% or 10 milliequivalents (me.
0 milliequivalents per liter) and because only relatively minor changes from normal may have major adverse effects on the patient (possible "panic" values: less than 3.
L'acidite exprimee en milliequivalents pour 100 g d'echantillon (meq/100g) a ete calculee:
46) It was found to be euqal to ~ 105 milliequivalents of cation per 100 g of zeolite, and changed to ~ 120 milliequivalents when heated at 350[degrees]C.
Two milliequivalents of the catalyst were then added slowly with a syringe to the solution with stirring.
The dietary electrolyte balance (dEB), expressed as milliequivalents (mEq)/kg diet, was calculated by subtracting mEq chloride (Cl)/kg from the sum of mEq sodium (Na)/kg plus mEq potassium (K)/kg.
The total amount of cations adsorbed by the clay, expressed in milliequivalents per hundred grams of dry clay, is called the cation exchange capacity (CEC).
This value corresponds to the concentration of acid expressed as milliequivalents per liter.