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At industrial sites, Vitale has measured EMF levels from equipment as high as thousands of milligauss.
Finally, in a dosimetric survey, a gaussmeter, which is used to measure the resultant magnetic flux density emanating from electric power sources in milligauss (mG), is placed at a fixed location or attached to a test subject.
While reclining in this state of partial sensory deprivation, currents are induced in the subject's brain through the generation of patterned extremely low frequency milligauss magnetic fields in the solenoids.
A three-axis gaussmeter is used to measure the resultant magnetic flux density emanating from electric power sources in milligauss (mG).
2) Magnetic field strengths are measured in units of Gauss (g) or milligauss (mG).
Electric fields are measured in volts per meter, whereas magnetic fields are measured in amps per meter or more commonly in gauss or milligauss (mG).
an approved ballot measure prohibits new residential construction if the lot or proposed house is exposed to EMF levels of 4 milligauss (a measure of magnetic radiation) or more, despite the fact that no baseline of "safe" exposure has been determined.
The strenght of the 2 to 3 milligauss current (a gauss is a unit of strength of a magnetic field) emitted by the power lines was similar to the strength of the same type of emission measured at a distance of twelve inches from VDTs, according to 1982 studies by Dr.
Essentially, if the distance of the source of the EMF field is indeterminable, then both the increment of measurement and specific magnitude (in milligauss or microtesla) of the reading are useless aside from comparing a reading to the distributions that are collected.
Starting at a threshold dose of about 20 milligauss (a measure of the strength of the electrical field), the 60-hertz ELF-EMF caused a dose-dependent reduction of differentiation, as well as an increase in telomerase and proliferation.
At that time, he showed that while melatonin, a natural antioxidant hormone, would inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells exposed to 2 milligauss (mG) magnetic fields, its activity was essentially erased when the cells were bathed in a 12 mG field (SN: 7/3/93, p.
Several recent ones, and a 1990 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) draft report, point to increased cancer risks for People with long-term exposure higher than two milligauss (mG).