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MGYMillion Gallons per Year
mGYMilligray (radiation measure)
MGYModulated Grating Y-Branch (laser)
MGYMontgomery Field, Dayton, Ohio (Airport Code)
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The milligray, on the other hand, is the unit of absorbed dose, or energy deposited in a tissue, and is related to biological effects.
Until then the internationally accepted "tolerance dose"--the dose that can be absorbed without harm--was 680 milligrays (mGy) per year.
Some 1,000 children who were evacuated from the vicinity received a radiation dose of up to 80 milligrays.
Mammograms are X-ray images of the breast produced from low radiation X-rays (1-3 milligrays, or mGy).
Radiation doses are commonly described in millisieverts [mSv] or milligrays [mGy], both measures of the energy absorbed by body tissues.
4 milligrays (mGy) from dental X-rays was associated with a 2.
He calculated that any women under 20 who has 10 mammograms of 4 milligrays increase their chances of cancer by a factor of 2.
However, a typical mammogram exposes a woman to between 1 and 3 milligrays (0.
Some of the reviewed papers reported dose estimates in milligrays, a physical quantity describing energy deposited per unit mass.