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MGYMillion Gallons per Year
mGYMilligray (radiation measure)
MGYModulated Grating Y-Branch (laser)
MGYMontgomery Field, Dayton, Ohio (Airport Code)
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08) for CNS tumors for each milligray increase in cumulative indoor gamma-ray exposure since birth (Kendall et al.
9) For comparison with medical diagnostic imaging procedures, the organ/local tissue dose to the breast from routine mammography is about 3 mGy (3 milligray, or 3/1,000 of a gray), to the stomach from a typical abdominal CT scan is about 20 mGy, and to the colon from a Barium enema is about 15 mGy.
The risk of brain tumours rose threefold after an absorbed dose to the head of 50 to 60 milligray - a unit of absorbed radiation.
On average, women with large breasts screened on a small detector received almost 5 milligray (mGy) of radiation, which exceeds the American College of Radiology guidelines of 3-4 mGy or less for a standard two-view mammogram.
The NRPB recommends that "any procedure that delivers doses to the fetus of some tens of milliGray .
This placement results in a value that describes the absorbed dose to air (air kerma) in milligray (mGy) at the point where the x-ray beam axis intersects the entrance surface of the patient or phantom.
4 milligray during pregnancy than were women who delivered normal-birth-weight babies.
Estimated doses ranged from zero to more than 2,800 milligray (mGy), with an average dose of 186 mGy per subject.
1 millirem 1 rem 1 rem Dose-equivalent 10 millisieverts 1 millirem 1 mrem Dose-equivalent 10 microsieverts 1 Gray 1 Gy Dose 100 rads 1 milligray 1 mGy Dose 100 millirads= 0.
One milligray per day equals about onethird of the dose-rate Olipitz et al.
1) For radiation such as x-rays and gamma rays, a mSv is the same as a milligray (mGy).
Relevant submultiples of the gray are the centigray (cGy), which equals 1 rad, and the milligray (mGy), which equals 100 millirads (mrads).