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MIMIMedical Imaging and Informatics (conference)
MIMIMagnetospheric Imaging Instrument
MIMIMy Instant Medical Information (Huntsville, AL)
MIMIMinuteman Missile National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
MIMIMontreal International Music Initiative (Canada)
MIMIManager for Interactive Modeling Interfaces
MIMIMADCAP Integration Management Initiative (US Army)
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But Mimi has just returned from a practice competition in Hungary with renewed belief.
Mimi firmly believes unearthing a client's history gives her the fuel to feed those potential sparks and why she has had such a long career as a matchmaker.
Mimi and Joseline have a long history of issues and it all started in Season 1 when Stevie was cheating on Mimi with Joseline.
The first thing Mimi recognised was that getting around in a (manual) wheelchair requires a lot of upper body strength.
LivEcho "I'm also a model, life model, singer, actress, own my own clothes business, Vintage Amore, and I teach my own classes, Miamore with Mimi.
Mad Mimi will be still available as a standalone application, yet the two companies plan to build a next generation product using Mad Mimi's platform, with the product being scheduled to hit the market in 2015, the press release added.
Two youths wanted in connection |with the theft of stolen puppy Mimi
After falling in love instantly, Rodolfo later leaves Mimi due to her flirtatious behaviour, although he's wracked by guilt since their life together has worsened Mimi's delicate constitution.
Mimi is an Austrian-German photographer, visual artist and muse that has studied at SVA (School of Visual Arts) in Manhattan.
FORMER Army nurse Mimi Theobald has swapped bandages and a beret for the catwalk and designer headwear to become one of the UK's hottest milliners.
Mimi Alford, who was 19 at the time, says she had an 18-month affair with the US President starting in 1962.