MinELMinimum Elevation (water reservoir, flow)
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Minel Milendez is an international icon of Cuban music and has travelled the world from North America, Canada, the Caribbean, the UK, and Asia to Africa.
Since 1993, Emd has been distributing to associates a line of detergents for dishes, called Minel.
Pope John Paul wishes to "speak directly to every woman, to reflect with her on the problems and prospects of what it means to be a woman in our time [emphasis minel.
Minel (Ana Melita) Diaz Silicon Valley San Jose Chapter
The Financial Services Authority has fined The Minel Group pounds 10,500 in the first ever case of enforcement action against a lifetime mortgage adviser.
Owners Minel Leisure Ltd and its directors John Wade and Timothy John Whiting were hauled before the courts to answer charges of unlawfully depositing waste and failing to prevent the escape of waste.
No one could find the key and Ene's father and CFR assistant coach Minel Panade had to tear off the iron grate on the shower windows to set the kid free
Invitation to tender: by purchasing revision 110 kv switches minel, within the dzn, includes the following: -poslovi audit of 110 kv switch ajia -the reserve parts required for the same audit
Minel Leisure Ltd, which owns the restaurant, was fined pounds 4,000 with pounds 401 costs by Gosforth magistrates after pleading guilty to four charges brought by Newcastle City Council.
Tierney 2013-15 1st year of 2-year term PENINSULA SILICON VALLEY CHAPTER (3) Minel (Ana Melita) Diaz 2012-14 2nd year of 2-year term Bruce A.