MINATOMRussian Ministry On Nuclear Industry
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In February 2004, the new Russian Atomic Energy Ministry Rosatom, which replaced the old Minatom, revealed during a meeting of the G8 nuclear safety study group that it would be prepared to consider holding a new meeting of the EU-Russia Joint Working Group on first-generation reactors.
Russian security cooperation; (27) the institute operates independently from MinAtom and is free to initiate cooperation and sign contracts and agreements with external parties.
Although Minatom claims the revenue could reach $20 billion," says Nilsen, "at the same time they say that $13 billion would go to infrastructure to store and transport the waste.
MinAtom is also alleged to have links to corrupt government officials and the Russian Mob.
Moscow disclosed earlier this year that Minatom -- which had already completed 30-40 per cent of the first reactor facility would go ahead with building the VVER-1000 reactor for the first Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran.
But Minatom, the Russian atomic ministry, is proposing just that--offering the bright, circular logic that revenue from such ventures would help solve the country's existing nuclear crisis.
Work on GT-MHRs began in l993 involving the American company General Atomics (GA), Minatom, the Russian Ministry for Atomic Energy and Russian nuclear manufacturers.
Defense industrialists and Minatom also wrap themselves in the flag.
In conjunction with the purchase, Cameco, Cogema, and Nukem will advance Minatom up to one-half of each year's aggregate purchase price to a maximum of $100M against deliveries.
Second, the United States has to revamp its projects to address more constructively the interests of Minatom and other Russian agencies in control of nuclear items.
They are right to protest,'' said Georgi Kaurov, the spokesman for Minatom, the Russian nuclear agency, after the workers agreed to leave the control room.