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MINCMultilingual Internet Names Consortium
MINCMilitary-Industrial Complex
MINCMulticast-based Inference of Network-internal Characteristics
MINCMultiple Interacting Continua
MINCManagement Interactive Network Connection (USDA)
MINCMinnesota Intercollegiate Nursing Consortium (St. Olaf College; Gustavus Adolphus College; Northfield, MN)
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Estron ydi'r minc (Mustela vison; American Mink) ac fel mae ei enw Saesneg yn awgrymu America, neu Ogledd America i fod yn fanwl gywir, ydi ei gynefin naturiol.
MiNC has put forward a proposal to investors, in which each investor would pay around Dh1,000 per square foot in order to get the project finished.
Mae'r hanes hefyd yn amlygu unwaith eto y difrod mae'r minc yn gallu ei wneud.
The study results showed Cook's MINC taking just 12 minutes to recover 90 percent of the measured parameters, and the typical laboratory incubator taking 180 minutes.
MINC will be organized into three locations focusing on different aspects of the company's product line.
Cook Women's Health, a division of Cook, the world's largest privately held medical device company, today announced the availability of the first of its kind MINC Benchtop Incubator for in vitro fertilization (IVF).
During his twelve months in this position, he lead the company to exceed its fiscal year 1997 revenue and profit expectations, secured another round of financing, successfully integrated MINC's French branch into the corporate operations and recruited several key managers to position MINC for future growth.
VHDL EASY, introduced by MINC earlier this year, consists of two distinct components: an interactive tutorial from Doulos (Hampshire, UK) to help users quickly learn VHDL, and a powerful, yet easy-to-use VHDL-based logic synthesizer for leading programmable logic devices.
Synthesis libraries for the new MINC product will be available through Cadence with its Synergy(TM) product, providing a complete HDL synthesis environment for PLD and CPLD design.
Kevin Bush, Vice President, Marketing for MINC reflects on this
According to Kevin Bush, vice president of sales and marketing for MINC, "The skyrocketing densities and high speeds of today's programmable devices make it nearly impossible to debug design through breadboarding; board simulation has become a must.
The partnership with MINC has exceeded our expectations since its inception over a year ago," said Chris Henry, director of marketing for AMD's Programmable Logic Subsidiary.