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3, The Mounted Brigade Combat Team; 5-71-3, Brigade Engineer Combat Operations (Armored); 5-71-2, Armored Task-Force Engineer Combat Operations; 20-32, Mine/Countermine Operations; 90-7, Combined Arms Obstacle Integration; and 3-34.
According to FM 20-32, Mine/Countermine Operations, obstacle emplacement authority is the jurisdiction that a unit commander has to emplace tactical obstacles.
Mine/Countermine and Demolitions Branch--focuses on training related to mine/countermine equipment, mine and booby trap threat, and demolition equipment used and encountered by ENTEC member nations.
FM 20-32, Mine/Countermine Operations, Chapter 9, differentiates between the terms "clearing" and "demining" by describing clearing as operations for a military purpose and demining as operations typically for a civilian population (humanitarian purpose) after hostilities cease.
Army Engineer School, and subject-matter expert on mine/countermine warfare for the school for two years.
Unit problems are compounded by a lack of familiarity with the doctrinal obstacle-numbering convention described in FM 20-32, Mine/Countermine Operations.
Mine/countermine sets, demolitions, and SKO could be stored in an insert that is easily dumped and retrieved using some type of mini-PLS.