MINITMinutes In Trail
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So 't was before we started, and I hadn't got my gang chained up; so what should she do but ups on a cotton-bale, like a cat, ketches a knife from one of the deck hands, and, I tell ye, she made all fly for a minit, till she saw 't wan't no use; and she jest turns round, and pitches head first, young un and all, into the river,--went down plump, and never ris.
Say," he said, beseechingly, "come wid me a minit an' I'll tell yer why.
Come out a minit while I tells yeh why I can't go wid yer.
I should like to see it for a minit, Bill," he says.
Weller, 'for back he come, two minits afore the time, a-bilin' with rage, sayin' how he'd been nearly run over by a hackney-coach that he warn't used to it; and he was blowed if he wouldn't write to the lord mayor.
We knew drones were expected to be sought-after gifts this year, so we wanted to give our customers an easy way to get one at a great price," said Kim Hertzog, Public Relations Manager, Turkey Hill Minit Markets.
MISTER MINIT is placed inside shopping centers, supermarkets or subway stations at key locations.
But Turkey Hill's ice cream cakes could gain much further distribution as both Turkey Hill Dairy and Turkey Hill Minit Market are both owned by Cincinnati-based Kroger Co.
The only previous success is said to be the CVA of shoe repair chain Mister Minit in 2003.
Stores include Acme, Shoprite, Giant, Martins, A&P, Waldbaums, Superfresh, Foodtown, King Kullen, and Tom's Convenience Stores, as well as selected Turkey Hill Minit Markets.
The Gullivers range is believed to have been sold through Mister Minit key cutting and shoe repair outlets before they were taken over by the Timpsons chain.