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MINOMoney Is No Object
MINOMinistry of Information and National Orientation (Ghana)
MINOMobile International Network Operator (Santa Clara, CA)
MINOMarried in Name Only
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Aerocrine's product, NIOX MINO has received the license from Chinese authorities for commercialization.
The International Competition Mino has been a leading international exhibition in Japan.
What the research says - Multiple studies have compared the measurements of the MINO to those of stationary analyzers for adult and pediatric populations.
This takes highdefinition videos that look stunning, even better than our star buy, the Mino.
The new Flip Mino is expected to fuel this trend further, making video creation easier than ever before.
The Mino is a lightweight camcorder not much bigger than your cell phone.
The alliance was developed to help Mino companies get "world recognition," said Chuck Bruce, executive representative for Mino Pottery Alliance.
Mino wins Guinness certificate as busiest TV show host
Lumera Corporation CEO Tom Mino will join other nanotechnology executives October 16 as a speaker at the Lux Executive Summit, one of the industry's top gatherings for executives and investment managers who cover the nanotechnology field.
Kevin Long, Leo Romero, Brandon Westgate, Braydon Szafranski, Bryan Herman, and Andrew Reynolds were the money boys, while Jetski, Mino, Neck Face, and myself, Larry the Grim Hot Wing, slarfed along in the wings.
The focus of the quake was about 10 kilometers below ground in the mid-western part of Mino in Gifu.
I LOVED your top 10 of easiest houseplants to look after, but I've been given a Mino Princess orchid.