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MINOMoney Is No Object
MINOMinistry of Information and National Orientation (Ghana)
MINOMobile International Network Operator (Santa Clara, CA)
MINOMarried in Name Only
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NIOX MINO is used to measure inflammations in airways.
The now approved 2009 version of NIOX MINO is already in stock and ready for sales through Aerocrine's Japanese partner and exclusive distributor Chest M.
Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), decided in early May this year to give NIOX MINO Airway Inflammation Monitor and NIOX MINO Test Kit marketing approval in Australia.
Survey participant's ages six to 79 years are eligible for FeNO testing, and valid measurements obtained in 13,275 study participants using the NIOX MINO were recently released for analysis.
Sales of NIOX MINO and refill tests continue to develop reasonably well, particularly in the US, based on current market conditions and are related to increasing clinical use rather than use in research and pharmaceutical development.
As a leader in providing a complete solution for Allergists and Pulmonologists, we are very excited to offer an integration with Aerocrine's NIOX MINO.
The increase in sales of NIOX MINO and refill tests in the US is favourable and can be expected to increase with positive decisions on cost reimbursement from major health insurance companies.
MONTREAL -- Blueslice Networks announced today that MiNO Wireless has purchased the Blueslice ngHLR 3000[TM] with enhanced features.
Mino has elected to resign his position as CEO and a board member, but will continue to serve as a consultant to the company.
Lumera Corporation (NASDAQ:LMRA), a leader in the emerging field of nanotechnology, announced today that Tom Mino, Lumera's President and Chief Executive Officer, will speak at the C.
Mino will speak at the general session and also at a series of presentations at the breakout meetings at the Monterey Plaza Hotel from 1:15 p.
Lumera Corporation (NASDAQ:LMRA), a leader in the emerging field of nanotechnology, announced today that Lumera Chief Executive Officer Tom Mino was named as this year's recipient of the distinguished alumnus award by the electrical and computer engineering department of the University of Pittsburgh School of Engineering.