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MIOMillion (German)
MIOMaritime Interdiction Operations
MIOMicaceous Iron Oxide
MIOModular Input/Output (Hewlett Packard)
MIOMultiple Input-Output
MIOMedical Incident Officer (UK)
MIOMemory Input/Output
MIOMutsu Institute for Oceanography
MIOManagement Information Office
MIOMarine Inspection Office (US Coast Guard)
MIOMaximal Incisal Opening
MIOManagement Integration Office
MIOMaritime Intercept Operation
MIOMarine Interdiction Operations
MIOMedical Intelligence Office
MIOMinimal Identifiable Odor
MIOMinimally Invasive Osteosynthesis
MIOMaterial Integration Office
MIOMulti-Image Overcast (robotic flaw detection algorithm)
MIOMajor Improvement Opportunities
MIOMusic Industry Online (music magazine; South Africa)
MIOMulti-Item Optimization (inventory planning)
MIOMedical Information Officer
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The new infrastructure will allow 3D content to be deployed on mio TV via an ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) link, with SingTel's 3D-enabled broadcast playout facility housed at its Bukit Timah Satellite Earth Station.
With extensive multimedia functionality, users can also enjoy watching high quality movies, previewing photos, and listening to MP3's with Mio Moov V series.
Mio will announce their new series of PND'sthe Moov V series that is integrated with digital TV functions - at Computex 2009, making the company the first major GPS player to launch a comprehensive line featuring digital TV capabilities.
While mobility scooters already launched by Suzuki are powered by batteries, the MIO is powered by a fuel cell, which uses a convenient liquid fuel (methanol).
For Mio Technology, using NavReady 2009 delivers multiple business and technical benefits:
Mio said it will be the first in the Caribbean to provide affordable, unlimited wireless broadband Internet access and voice plans which incorporate voicemail and unlimited texting.
The Mio provides an advantage over Suzuki's current lineup of electric wheelchairs as its latest wheelchair, whose lead storage battery requires recharging for as long as eight hours, could travel only 27 km.
The cost of the Mio 8390 and the financial terms of the agreement were not announced.
The high-performance, low-power MQ1188 controller handles all multimedia and screen display functions on the Mio 8380, enhancing the mobile users' experience with both digital lifestyle and mobile commerce applications.
We were very successful in the deployment and were selected to be in charge of the UNITAS MIO exercise, where we coordinated a six-ship, multinational MIO mission.
After winning twice for Barry Hills, Solo Mio was moved to French-based John Hammond, and landed back-to-back wins in the Group 3 Betty Barclay-
It is the high-low base, however, that makes the Mio special.