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MIPv6Mobile Internet Protocol Version 6
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MN cannot use the CoA directly), the fast IP connectivity becomes impossible so that MN has to make a new CoA for the visited network as in MIPv6.
Therefore, compared to MIPv6 approach, this approach produces some good features, such as fast handover support, low mobility-related signaling in a wireless link, little changes of an MN's protocol stack, etc.
Considering the desire to offer seamless communication services over IP-based wireless networks such as, MIPv6 which in turn requires the resolution of the handover latency issue for the MIPv6 networks.
8 shows that the vertical handover latency of the cross-layer optimized scheme is lower than that of the original MIPv6.
MIPv6 has been proposed to compensate for the lack of available IP addresses and eliminate several other disadvantages of MIPv4.
In Chen's paper (2005) [14], the authors discussed the BU procedures of mobile network in a MIPv6 environment.
Sus areas de interes son: ingenieria de trafico, enrutamiento, redes moviles IP, MIPv6, HMIPv6, simulacion de redes, Internet, IPv6.
DP] Transmission delay of the data packet from source to destination Table 2: Assessment amongst dissimilar IP mobility protocols Protocol MIPv6 KM IPv6 HMIPv6 Criteria Mobility Scope Global Local Local/ Global Location Yes Yes No management Home Required Home Agent Home Agent.
In this case, FMIPv6 again follows the handover procedure of MIPv6 so that the handover latency increases undesirably.
In the research community, work has been done on a secure and scalable protocol known as IPSec protocol [9], which is mandatory for IPv6 and used by MIPv6 protocol.
This article is a study that evaluates handoff in mobile communication networks using MIPV6, creating a simulation environment to obtain data using the NS-2 2.
Second, if the MN does not support MIPv6 (PMIPv6 does supports mobility regardless of supporting MIPv6), the vehicle attaches to a new Mobile Access Gateway (new MAG), irrespective of handing over between two MAG.