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MIPv6Mobile Internet Protocol Version 6
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Table I: Comparitive study of existing nemo support protocols Comparison Network Characteristics Strength Mobility Support Protocol NEMO BSP Bi-directional tunneling Preserves location privacy RRH MIP Route Optimization Reduces the pinball routing ARO MIPv6 RouteOptimization Reduces Packet overhead NERON Uses Unsolicited Resolves pinball routing Neighbor Advertisement and hence reduces the (UNA) message convergence time.
Doja, Moinuddin, "A Comparison Study of MIPV6, HMIPV6 and FMIPV6 Handover Latency", Proceedings of ETCC'2007, NIT, Hamirpur (India).
The tests probed the success of the work done and demonstrated many advantages of MIPv6.
As it was mentioned at the beginning, it is expected to have a wide range of new distributed applications as a consequence of porting MIPv6 to highly mobile devices with cheap microprocessors.
In MIPv6 the following principal elements can be identified: