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MIRUMeeting on Image Recognition and Understanding
MIRUMother and Infant Research Unit (UK)
MIRUMove In Rig Up
MIRUMagnetohydrodynamic Inertial Reference Unit
MIRUManagement Information and Reporting Unit (University of Tasmania)
MIRUMycobacterium Interspersed Repetitive Units
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PCR was set up by using BIOTAQ polymerase for amplifying 12 MIRU and 3 ETR loci and Diamond polymerase for the additional 7 VNTR loci.
Thirty-two of 52 patients had different MIRU genotype patterns in clinical isolates from their 2 episodes, which indicates that exogenous reinfection accounted for 61.
Simplex PCR was used to amplify fragments in loci MIRU 20, ETR-C, MIRU 26, VNTR 424, VNTR 531, VNTR 1955, VNTR 1982, VNTR 2163a, VNTR 3232, VNTR 3239, and VNTR 3336.
MIRU typing identified 12 individual patterns; 2 strains possessed the same MIRU patterns but not the same spoligotype.
Over the past year, Mirus Promotions became a coast-to-coast operation and also completed its first international promotions, in Canada.
For over 10 years, Mirus has been engaged in projects involving database design, user-interface development, iPad applications, business reporting and analytics solutions for clients across a number of key industries.
Autotask is excited to deepen its partnership with Mirus IT; by expanding their use of Autotask's IT Business Management platform to now include Autotask Endpoint Management, Mirus now possess a complete end-to-end capability to better service their clients," said Christian Nagele, General Manager, RMM Global Sales, Autotask.
Eight volunteers from the Mirus team as well as three from CRG met at Llanishen Park and spent several hours around the changing room area cutting back trees and hedges, clearing brambles, picking up broken glass, clearing the surrounding path and picking up litter.
Dr Scott Hayes, Vice President of Scientific Operations, Mirus Bio
John Holloway, Beechdale's neighbourhood impact assistant, said: "It was rewarding to get involved with the youngsters from the Mirus Academy.
Russell Woodward, director at Mirus Management, agrees with his new neighbour in terms of the attractive location and is impressed with the high standard of office building Business Homes Midlands is offering.
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