MISSIMultilevel Information System Security Initiative
MISSIMonthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries (Philippines)
MISSIMulti-Level Information System Security Initiative
MISSIMulti-level Information Systems Security for the Internet (NSA)
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So he altered these words, bowing to the superior knowledge of his little Missis.
Hearing into the Rimsha Missi Blasphemy case here on Monday the Civil Judge Islamabad Aamir Aziz Khan adjourned the case till September 21 and ordered the investigation officer of the case to present the interim challan before the court on next hearing.
When the talented actress Missi Pyle steps onto the red carpet at the Academy Awards this Sunday, everyone will see why sustainable design can also be stunning design.
Missi Pyle, left, and Allison Janney display their karaoke skills at the trendy PaliHouse in West Hollywood.
We're available by appointment only," explains Missi Bart, a certified kitchen designer, "This allows us to focus solely on each client's ideas without interruption.
The primary user interface for MISSI will be the credit card-size (84mm x 55mm x 5mm) device, which, when used in conjunction with a Personal Identification Number (PIN), will provide the authentication of a user's identity and access privileges.
The invite to the wedding in Montana was well deserved - Casey insists it was Brutus who introduced him to Charlie And The Chocolate Factory star Missi, 36, on a film set.
We aim to help our clients realize their dream kitchen or bath by striving to understand the unique taste and character of both the homeowner and the home's architecture," says Missi Bart, a certified kitchen designer.
The regulars at the Hollywood Bar also discuss why they decided to become drag queens, and Neil admits that while he loves Mark, he is sometimes infuriated by his partner's brassy alter ego Missi.
Joining the ensemble are Helena Bonham Carter, David Kelly, Noah Taylor, James Fox, Missi Pyle and Christopher Lee.