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MNETMunitions, New Equipment Training (US Army)
MNETMission and Data Directorate, Network
MNETMosaic Non-Equilibrium Thermodynamic (biophysics)
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With the knowledge and experience from the past nine years, we will expand MAMA to be Asia's biggest award ceremony," Shin Hyung Kwan, President of Mnet Contents Business, said,  adding, "we will make 2017 MAMA the greatest festival for everyone who loves music in Asia.
Mnet does not support garbage collection or call stacks.
An HBO Films presentation in association with Distant Horizon of a Videovision Entertainment production in association with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, MNet, Exciting Films.
Silurian granites and Devonian granites intrude both MNET and CAT.
Mnet also provides reference materials for both youth and adults that examine media issues from a variety of perspectives.
Member banks of MNET switch can use each other's ATMs spread across the country.
In a company the size of P&G, with 3,500 marketing employees, there's a challenge with the right hand knowing what the left hand is doing," commented Joe Hensler, associate director, Marketing Xchange, P&G's in-house unit that manages both mNet and VideoNet.
Everyone will want, need and benefit from this technology," said Mnet president Kent Kristensen.
Trish Downing of MNet said that the company acquires product through output deals with most of the major studios and that prices are based on box office performance.
This new BSM technology joins BioChemics' established Derma-Release[R] technology, VALE (Vaso Active Lipid Encapsulated), and Mnet (Micro-needle Enabling Technology) clearly distinguishing the Company as one of most advanced drug delivery developers in the world.
Sephy Francisco in the dressing room of 'I Can See Your Voice' Korea (left) and performing on the show (Photos: Sephy Francisco and screenshot from Mnet video)
XERMELO targets the overproduction of serotonin inside mNET cells, providing a new treatment option for patients suffering from carcinoid syndrome diarrhea.