MoPIManagement Of Police Information (UK)
MoPIMy Own Private Idaho (movie)
MoPIMormon Pioneer National Historic Trail (US NPS)
MoPIModified Oral Proficiency Interview (language assessment; American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)
MoPIManual of Proof and Inspection
MoPIMissionary Order of Perpetual Indulgence
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La evaluacion no se limitara a la NEI, donde en algo mas de un ano ya se acumulan indicios de que la motivacion del alumnado ha crecido exponencialmente, sino tambien al MOPI, la etapa temprana en la que es habitual soslayar la introduccion de cambios argumentandose habitualmente que resulta mas util introducir en etapas ulteriores las modificaciones de gran magnitud.
The MOPI reflects property values assigned within Green Street's proprietary NAV estimates for each company.
Con respecto a la diferencia entre estudiantes que puntuan alto y bajo en el RISC-e, es importante destacar que las diferencias se centran en las metas interpersonales, en las dos formas en que se han medido: a traves del MOPI (metas de logro, relaciones personales y afiliacion) y a traves de la escala de Aspiraciones Vitales.
Based on mean comparisons, there was no effect of age or sex on the MOPI scale.
and reliability however, efforts were made to train the raters to maintain objectivity during observation sessions and complete the MOPI accordingly.
More precisely, the utilization of a Likert scale on the MOPI may have further contributed to rater subjectivity.
TENDER Re-invitation of tenders for leasing 13 sites for erection of MOPI type advertising signs at the Military City.
The highest consistency of the partial results was achieved in case of permanent station MOPI.
For the vertical component (except of some stations as MOPI, ORID and SOFI) the differences are not above 30%.
However, some stations (KATO, PADO, DRES, MOPI in seasonal variations) clearly show individual behaviour, which is stressing the specific phenomena at these stations.