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MOARMassachusetts Organization for Addiction Recovery (Boston, MA)
MOARMinistry of Animal Resources (Sudan)
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The dead seal on Abereiddy beach with the bite mark similar to that of a shark DAN MOAR
The Nightforce MOAR reticle pattern is a major advancement in precision shooting.
With the hardware being commoditised, software must be the focus of the overall offering," says Moar.
Moar was born in Manitoba, but moved to Richmond, B.
Finalmente, se cierra todo el conjunto con un ultimo capitulo, a cargo de Ma del Carmen Gutierrez Moar en colaboracion con Tourinan, sobre la educacion de la sensibilidad y de la afectividad, en relacion con la educacion en valores, desde una perspectiva integral de la educacion.
We are submitting the memorandum to President Pratibha Patil through District Magistrate as the medium that honourable President should not append her signature on this Bill, which will be presented to her by the Central Government," said Nandlal Bharti, a patron of the Akhil Bhartiya Moar Pankh Kutir Udhyog Samiti (All India Peacock Feather Cottage Industry Committee).
O como lo llama el relator Roberto Moar, "el Diego de los uruguayos".
The stories share trains, feet, mechanisms, loss, questioning and searches for meaning; one suspects the unnamed tabula rasa in the hospital is related to Cal searching for his lost father, and the town of Moar figures in both the stories of Dory and Merrick.
In addition, Moar points out that BAS data is encrypted and can only be understood by the BAS, presenting a very difficult challenge for would-be hackers.
Glen Howard Moar of Bend, formerly of Lane County, died March 4 of cancer at age 89.
Estudos psicofisicos e eletrofisiologicos realizados ao longo das ultimas decadas com recem-nascidos destacam a importancia da FSC na investigacao de mecanismos sensoriais basicos durante o desenvolvimento da percepcao visual (Allen, Tyler & Norcia, 1996; Atkinson, Braddick & Braddick, 1974; Atkinson, Braddick & Moar, 1977; Cannon Jr.
I would like to express our deepest sympathy to the friends and family of Alex Moar.