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MobitexMobile Text Transfer System (Ericsson)
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In addition to FedEx Ground, almost all of Cingular's Mobitex customers had network access during the outage.
The G100 expands Cingular's Mobitex device portfolio with its sophisticated design that features a clear, crisp grayscale display screen and an ergonomically designed quick-type thumb keyboard for an excellent typing experience on a small form-factor device.
Cingular and RIM have built the most successful wireless enterprise service offering to date with thousands of companies and government organizations using BlackBerry over Mobitex to stay connected and productive," said Larry Conlee, Chief Operating Officer at RIM.
Cingular's nationwide Mobitex packet data network drives many of Cingular's branded corporate e-mail access and interactive messaging services, and custom solutions for Fortune 1000 companies like FedEx, Honeywell and Sears.
Taking advantage of the Mobitex store-and-forward functionality, Antenna A3 SmartClient users can continue using the application even without wireless coverage (for example, in a basement or hospital), greatly increasing their productivity and efficiency.
Transcomm is the sole UK network operator of Ericsson's Mobitex technology, covering 95% of the UK population and delivering 99.
We are very pleased to welcome Geoworks to the Mobitex community," said Jack Barse, executive director of the Mobitex Operators Association.
A cellular voice service provider with coverage of over 90 percent of Venezuela, Telcel is the first South American cellular voice operator to use the Mobitex network with RIM's wireless email products.
We welcome Teklogix' decision to support Ericsson's Mobitex technology as we believe that the Teklogix system is optimally designed for low bandwidth real-time wireless data communication technologies.
30 /PRNewswire/ -- RAM Mobile Data the operator of the Mobitex Wireless Network in the UK and Mobix Communications Ltd.
17 /PRNewswire/ -- Velocita Wireless, a provider of custom wireless M2M data delivery solutions for businesses and government, that owns and operates the only nationwide, narrowband, data-only, M2M network, announced today that Mark Hull, its CEO, has been named to the board of directors of the Mobitex Association, the worldwide trade and business development organization for Mobitex wireless data network operators, hardware and software manufacturers and customers.
Mobile Expertise Ltd, a developer of Mobitex and other data products, launches its new ME-D200 and ME-D205 range of UHF and VHF modems at the Mobitex Association Conference in New York, USA.