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MMRMumps, Measles, Rubella (vaccine)
MMRMeasles, Mumps, Rubella
MMRMismatch Repair (DNA)
MMRMassachusetts Military Reservation
MMRMatch Making Rating (gaming)
MMRMajor Molecular Response
MMRMaternal Mortality Rate
MMRMalaysian Medical Resources (est. 1996)
MMRMulti Mode Receiver
MMRMulti Master Replication
MMRMulti Media Router
MMRMulti Media Recording
MMRBurma (ISO Country code, now Myanmar)
MMRModified Modified Read
MMRMulti-Mode Receiver
MMRMass Market Retailers
MMRMiddle Mississippi River
MMRMarc's Modified Ringer's (laboratory solution)
MMRMeet Me Room (point of interconnection in a video/audio conferencing session
MMRMulti Mode Radar
MMRMolzer Mowery Racing (Golden Valley, MN)
MMRMaster of Marketing Research (University of Georgia)
MMRMildly Mentally Retarded (mildly developmentally disabled is preferred)
MMRMaster Model Railroader (NMRA)
MMRMovimiento Manuela Ramos (Spanish; Peruvian women's group)
MMRModerated Multiple Regression
MMRMerchant Marine Reserve
MMRMulti-Mission Radar (Army)
MMRMain Machinery Room
MMRMemory-Mapped Register
MMRMoney Market Rate
MMRMilitary Munitions Rule
MMRMarine Mammal Regulations (Federal Fisheries Act; Canada)
MMRMask-Mounted Regulator (respirator system)
MMRMultimode Radar
MMRManpower Mobilization Request
MMRMaximum Medical Recovery (Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, RSO 1998, Canada)
MMRMedical Magnetic Resonance (imaging)
MMRMe Meo de Risa (Spanish hash tag)
MMRMinimum Maintenance Road (various locations)
MMRMachinist's Mate, Refrigeration (US Navy)
MMRMinimum Marketable Release (market testing)
MMRMetamorphosis Medical Retreats (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
MMRMagnetometric Resistivity
MMRMazda Motor Russia
MMRMass Miniature Radiography
MMRMobile Multi-Hop Relay
MMRMegalocornea-Mental Retardation Syndrome
MMRMulti-Mode Radio
MMRMinimum Military Requirement
MMRMobile Medical Response, Inc. (ambulance service provider)
MMRMaterial Master Records
MMRMonthly Management Review
MMRModular Multiband Radiometer
MMRMobile Meter Reading (of electricity meters)
MMRMixed Media Router
MMRMaster-Master Replication (databases)
MMRModular Mini Refinery (various locations)
MMRMinimum Marginal Return
MMRMobilization Material Requirement
MMRMinoan-Mycenaean Religion (Bronze Age, Greece)
MMRMan Made Rock (construction)
MMRMultiband Multimode Radio
MMRMission Requirements Review
MMRMarble Mountain Ranch (Somes Bar, CA)
MMRMultimode Radiometer
MMRManagement Milestone Record
MMRMultimission Receiver
MMRMaintenance Management Review
MMRMobile Mission Recognition
MMRMediabase Music Research
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01 Table 3 Moderated Multiple Regression Analyses for Testing Main Effect of HR Practices and Moderating Effects of Trust Value for OCB, Knowledge Sharing Behavior and Employee Engagement Independent Organizational Citizenship Behaviour variables Model 1 2 3 4 Gender -.
Moderated multiple regressions allow exploring how the relationship between two variables potentially changes as a result of the effect of a third independent variable called the moderator.
01 TABLE 3 Moderated Multiple Regression Results Variables B [beta] Affect for Men's Basketball Sex .
Statistical power problems with moderated multiple regression in management research.
Relative power of moderated multiple regression and the comparison of subgroup correlation coefficients for detecting moderating effects.
2] is then used to calculate the F-statistic used for the moderated multiple regression.
Hypotheses eight and nine were tested using moderated multiple regression analysis.
Overall, the moderated multiple regression results suggest that, the interactions of supportive environments and the four sub constructs of psychological traits (need for achievement, internal locus of control, tolerance for ambiguity, risk taking propensity) variables provided incremental variance change or higher explanatory powers of entrepreneurial orientations as hypothesized in [H.
Type II error problems in the use of moderated multiple regression for the detection of moderating effects of dichotomous variables.
Simple question, not so simple answer: Interpreting interaction terms in moderated multiple regression.
For the nature of the statistical analyses reported, studies were coded according to: (1) the method used to test for interactions (split-groups correlation tests, moderated multiple regression, split-groups regression, ANOVA, or some other form of analysis); (2) whether the statistical analysis conducted tests for differences in the form or the degree of the relationship between the leader behavior and the criterion variable of interest; and (3) whether follow-up plots depicting the nature of the interaction were reported.
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