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MLBWModerately Low Birth Weight (infancy)
MLBWMulti-Level Breit-Wigner
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However, the inclusion in these studies of late preterm or moderately low birth weight children has recently been recommended.
To investigate the effect of extent prematurity on performance, the following groups were formed: group 1, normal birth weight NBW ([greater than or equal to] 2500 g, n= 78); group 2: moderately low birth weight (MLBW) preterm children ([greater than or equal to] 1500 <2500 g, n= 48); group 3: very low birth weight (VLBW) preterm children (<1500 g, n= 15).
Are children of moderately low birth weight at increased risk for poor health?
Early onset of ear infections was not associated with either very low or moderately low birth weight.
Following methods used in other analyses (3), Table 3 disaggregates low birth weight (LBW) into two components: very low birth weight (VLBW) <1,500 g) and moderately low birth weight (MLBW) (1,500-2,499 g).