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MohoMohorovicic Discontinuity
MohoModel of Human Occupation
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An ambitious effort to drill to the Moho called Project Mohole was launched in the early 1960s--in the same hopeful era when the United States launched its space program.
The geographical distribution of the S-velocity values for this depth range shows higher values (4 km/s and higher shown in Figure 10 by contours with white line) in zones of the study area in which the Moho depth is overcome (i.
En ambos ensayos, a los 21 dda, el menor desarrollo de moho se presento en los frutos almacenados a 7,5[grados]C y 10,0[grados]C, obteniendose como maximo un 5% de cobertura del pedunculo, mientras que en los frutos almacenados a 12,5[grados]C y 15,0[grados]C, se obtuvo entre 24% y 100% de crecimiento de moho en este tejido.
Series sponsor MoHo Realty specializes in modern and unique architect-designed homes in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill.
regional Bouguer anomaly) has been shown as appropriate to model the Moho and LAB interfaces characterized by larger wavelengths (Martos et al.
En Moho, el relato se estructura en veintisiete capitulos breves, sin titulo.
The Moho Nord project involves a tension leg platform, a floating production unit with processing capacity of 100,000 bpd and a 50-mile pipeline to the onshore Djeno terminal.
6 billion increase of Total E&P Congo's capital will consolidate its financial capacity at a time when it is progressing the development of the Moho Nord deep offshore project.
2bn) increase in Total E&P Congo's capital adds to the business' financial capacity as it is advancing the development of its deep offshore project Moho Nord, Total said.
BASED oil and gas engineering firm, FES International, has been awarded a PS600,000 contract with TOTAL's subsea Moho Nord project in Congo, West Africa.