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MOJITOMultiple Overlapping K-Space Junctions for Investigating Translating Objects
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We're pleased to provide support for MXO2 devices and Mojito MAX to bring video sources into vMix at up to full HD.
Mojito Bar and Grill also caters for weddings with a relaxed atmosphere, a large selection of quality food and drink and a covered, peaceful garden area with comfortable seating, impressive decoration and relaxing background music which can be devoted exclusively to guests on their special day.
Last year we repositioned the product, really driving home the equity of our classic cocktails Mojito, Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri and then a light line that accompanies that.
Developers use Mojito to write apps using Javascript, HTML and CSS that can run both on the client, using an embedded Javascript engine, and on the server, using the emerging Node.
You can safely assume that margaritas, daiquiris and mojitos are the best-selling cocktails [in Lebanon]," says Maurice al-Haddad, a Beirut-based mixology enthusiast, who has served time behind several of the capital's favorite cocktail bars.
The company is making a cash investment to acquire an equity interest in Creative Casinos, and is entering into a management agreement to operate the Mojito Pointe casino resort.
The Holyrood restaurant's menu describes its Mojito as a "refreshing blend of lime, mint, Havana 7, sugar and soda".
Tuesday's final: 1 Jonny Reb, 2 Peters Champ, 3 Riot Rocker, 4 Autumn Ardor, 5 Salacres Rogue (m), 6 Dunham Mojito (m).
Bartenders from across the region took part in the competition where they were judged on speed, quality and pouring techniques while lucky customers enjoyed copious amounts of Mojitos, sponsored by Santa Teresa Claro Rum.
The Mojito series, Rivolta's version of fishing pan gas, feature 16-, 18-, 20-and 22-foot models, with 24-, 26-and 28-footers still in the works.
The best costume will be presented with a shopping voucher worth EUR500 and a Bacardi Mojito Kit, but everyone in nnounced on Monday, 6th September on Bacardi Ireland's Facebook Page
London, Aug 20 (ANI): Mojito is the most preferred cocktail among today's Brits, revealed a survey.