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2) William James, The Moral Equivalent of War, 1906 (http://www.
Moreover, just as World War II catapulted America out of the Depression, this moral equivalent of war would offer a wonderful tonic for an economy plagued by recession, inflation, skyrocketing debt and a growing negative balance of trade.
Meanwhile, the political right has descended into double caricature, torn between a millenarian pessimism in which "people who want to kill us" lurk around every corner (for them, the only moral equivalent of war is war itself), and a cockeyed, vacuous attempt to reincarnate Reagan's boosterism.
When James spoke of a moral equivalent of war, he had in mind a substitute for war that would preserve those martial virtues that he considered the "higher" aspects of militarism.
If Lorenz's theory is correct, football may be seen as the moral equivalent of war.
That is what William James must have meant in 1910 when he issued the firs,t call for national service, describing it immodestly as "the moral equivalent of war.
Cotkin argues that James's popular essays such as "On a Certain Blindness in Human Beings" and "The Moral Equivalent of War," once properly understood, are clearly anti-imperialistic pieces.
We heard that the 1970s oil crisis was the moral equivalent of war (although government price controls did far more damage than OPEC, making one wonder who declared war on American citizens).
Following FDR's lead, politicians would later declare a War on Poverty, a War on Drugs, and a Moral Equivalent of War on energy shortages.