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Patients with comorbidities were added to the parameter as per Original Boey score, yet each comorbidity could serve as an independent factor to cause post-operative morbidity/mortality causing variable results.
Knowledge of baseline patterns is essential to detect changed morbidity/mortality patterns such as emerging spill-over, or emergency, usually of exotic or zoonotic diseases.
SAN DIEGO -- The crossing times for the rate of spontaneous vaginal delivery versus a composite maternal or neonatal morbidity/mortality occurred slightly earlier than current recommended guidelines for women with an epidural (2.
His award-winning published research includes original science in slips, trips and falls, epidemiologic methods, injury morbidity/mortality studies of U.
Indication: Prevention of Childhood Morbidity/Mortality
If we continue this way, those in our "care" will be put at an even greater risk of morbidity/mortality and we will lose even more staff from the health professions.
This primary morbidity/mortality endpoint captures clinically relevant events that reflect true disease progression," he noted, explaining that the endpoint included time to death, atrial septostomy, lung transplantation, initiation of intravenous/subcutaneous prostanoids, or worsening of PAH.
Moderate-risk LDTs are those for which an incorrect result or interpretation may result in serious morbidity/mortality but for which the test methodology is well understood and independently verifiable.
Major Finding: Use of 20 mg of rosuvastatin daily by individuals with no major diabetes risk factors was associated with a 52% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular morbidity/mortality and no increase in the incidence of diabetes.
While there was a consistent trend in favour of bosentan, the primary endpoint, reduction in morbidity/mortality, was not met (p=0.
The latter is especially important when potential morbidity/mortality issues exist or where beneficial survival claims are to be made.
Vaccinia vaccine, a live orthopox virus vaccine, is highly effective against smallpox if given pre-exposure and can result in a reduction in the incidence of disease or in disease morbidity/mortality if given within four days of exposure.