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Randomization began in May of 2008, and study end was predefined as the occurrence of 285 morbidity/mortality events, which occurred as of March 2012.
Because no obvious J- or U-shaped patterns of the temperature-health relationship were observed in bivariate response models, we separately fitted nonstratification models (model 3) using each of the cardiorespiratory morbidity/mortality measures as a response variable with the same set of predictors at each of the lags (Table 2).
Both the bivariate response surface and nonstratification models suggest that the effects of temperature on cardiorespiratory morbidity/mortality varied with levels of P[M.
10] modified the association between temperature and cardiorespiratory morbidity/mortality.
Moderate Risk: The consequence of an incorrect result or incorrect interpretation may lead to serious morbidity/mortality and the test methodology is well understood and independently verifiable.
High Risk: The consequence of incorrect result or incorrect interpretation could lead to serious morbidity/mortality is not well understood or is not independently verifiable.
The proportions of neonatal morbidity/mortality in the second pregnancy increased as the gestational age category decreased.
Those patients undergoing multi-vessel intervention experience higher unadjusted morbidity/mortality than those patients undergoing single vessel PCI.
Given that sleep-disordered breathing is a risk factor for hypertension, one could speculate that the reduction of cardiovascular morbidity/mortality in postmenopausal women with HRT may be related at least in part to the reduction of sleep-disordered breathing in this population as demonstrated by our study" Dr.
To that end, the LRT technology has a clearly defined, easily measurable clinical end point that will allow us to establish efficacy very quickly for an under-treated, high morbidity/mortality orphan drug population.
This patient population was chosen because of the high morbidity/mortality and low success rate of current therapies.