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MOSADMultiplexed Oversample Analog to Digital Conversion
MOSADMulticast Only Splitter-And-Delivery (network architecture)
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Mosad was the runner-up of the 2015 PSA Men's World Squash Championship, which took place in the United States.
Margaliot, Mal'akey 'elyon (Jerusalem: Mosad Harav Kook, 1945), 104.
Jerusalem: Mosad Ha-Rav Kook, 1984], 10), and the introductions to his commentaries on Isaiah and Proverbs (Yehuda Razabi, ed.
El problema esta en la tendencia inaugurada por los mismos ya ex gobernantes (Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gadafi) de presentar a los opositores como 'agentes al servicio' del imperialismo, de Al-Qaeda, del Mosad o de todos juntos.
Elham Mahmoud Ibrahim, Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, African Union, highlighted the link to the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) Energy Programme, and Mosad Elmissiry, Head of Energy, NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency referred to the work carried out over recent months on the development of SE4All Action Plan guidelines, the strategy for decentralized energy services and the sustainable charcoal framework.
Brigadier General Ali Mosad Hussein, commander of Taiz military region said the National Assembly for Anti-Smuggling Support informed the 17th unit about the vehicles and they were seized after they left the harbor of Al-Maqar.
The resulting free kick, taken by Ashfaq himself, was easily parried away by goalkeeper Mosad Balhous.
The Muslim Brotherhood, in a statement posted on their website, asserted that the responsibility could be ascribed to the Israeli Mosad for the attack.
Por su parte, el Shin Bet --con aproximadamente 5 mil miembros-- es una de las tres organizaciones principales de la inteligencia israeli junto con el servicio del ejercito (Aman) y el Mosad.
The Alliance of the Revolutionaries of Egypt had proposed Mohamed ElBaradei, a 2005 Nobel Peace Prize winner and a frontrunner for the presidency of Egypt, to take over as prime minister, said coalition member Mosad Ibrahim.
special units broke into the house, one Jordanian the other Tunisian, were actually associates of the Israeli service MOSAD and the U.
Avigdor Lieberman, ministro de Relaciones Exteriores israeli, dirigiendose a periodistas en Bruselas sobre las acusaciones de que agentes del Mosad fueron los autores del asesinato de un jefe de Hamas en Dubai