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MOSARTMusic Orchestration Systems in Algorithmic Research and Technology (Music Informatics Laboratory, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
MoSARTModeling, Simulation, Animation and Real-Time Control
MOSARTMilitary Occupational Structure Analysis, Redesign and Tailoring (Canada)
MOSARTModerate Spectral Atmospheric Radiance And Transmittance
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MOSArt includes a complete certification package up to DO-178B Level A, encapsulating the RTOS's certification artifacts, clearly marking what tasks the final software integrator has to perform.
The integration of SCADE Display with the MOSArt platform is an important milestone for Barco's open platform.
The new MOSART user interface in the PCR is the first step towards more optimised AJA PCR workflows in the future," explains Logozar.
As well as general new features and improvements, the upgrade allows us to now use Viz World to improve the maps workflow, Viz One for stills and Viz Mosart to automate our studio playout.
MOSArt provides manufacturers engaged in the aviation industry with a complete, ARINC 653-compliant package for application development and integration at the highest levels.
Viz Mosart newsroom automation will cover the channel's two studios.
3 percent of the stocks in Mosart, respectively) is to acquire the entire issued and remaining stock capital of Mosart, the major provider of newscast automation solutions.
The deal, for two Viz Mosart newsroom automation licences, will cover the news channel's two studios in Manama.
Green Hills Software's INTEGRITY-178B real-time operating system (RTOS) has been selected by Barco, a leading provider of high-performance imaging technologies, for its new MOSArt avionics open system.
has entered into an indicative non-binding term sheet with TV2 Gruppen AS for the purchase of all of the issued share capital of Mosart Medialab AS ("Mosart"), a Norwegian private company active in the field of development and licensing of newscast automation software.
Summary: Al Jazeera Balkan, the newest addition to the Qatar-based broadcaster's international portfolio, has gone live with the Mosart newscasting system [.