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MoSSIMinistry of Small Scale Industries (India)
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La poblacion esta formada por dos grandes grupos etnicos: los Voltaicos que a su vez esta integrada por los Mossi, los Gruashis o Grurunsi, los Bobo y los Lobi.
Many migrants from a Mossi village near Kaya on the Central Plateau settled in the same AVV scheme east of Ouagadougou.
For their part, the Talensi attitude to woven cloth was historically one of ambivalence: sought after as a desired commodity (mainly from Mossi country to the north), but also symbolic of outsiders and their predatory violence.
Los Kroumen estan dispuestos a tomar las armas para sacar a los extranjeros que se encuentren escondidos en los campos de cacao, ellos mismos condenaron a la tribu de los Lobi a un exilio de 7 anos en 1998 y fueron los Mossi los que tomaron las plantaciones.
Citing figures quoted by Mossi Raz of the Meretz Party, the foundation reported that personal income tax breaks for settlers come to $106 million in the budget.
Details: Dante Mossi, Comisionado, National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL), Colonia Modelo, Apartado Postal 15012, Tegucigalpa, M.
For the next three years, Genpak worked with Du Pont, Shell Chemical, Mossi & Ghisolfi in Italy and Eastman Chemical, in R&D on PET foam.
The Project will be coordinated by Biochemtex, a wholly-owned global engineering subsidiary of Mossi & Ghisolfi (M&G), that from 2009 has demonstrated the technological, economic and environmental sustainability of second generation bioethanol production from lignocellulosic feedstock (PROESAA technology).
Pour ce faire, ce << familier de l'observation et de la description pratique de la diversite des alliances dans la societe traditionnelle mossi >> (p.
Au vu de l'agropastoralisation observee des moyens de subsistance des cultivateurs mossi et des eleveurs foulbe, on interprete generalement les interactions entre ces deux groupes de la region du Centre Nord du Burkina Faso en terines de symbiose evanescente et de tension croissante sur des lignes ethniques.