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References in classic literature ?
My mother's maiden name was Graham, and therefore I fancy I have some claim to it, and prefer it to any other, except my own, which I dare not resume.
Honeywell is her mother's maiden name, and the birth was in Bristol.
Apart from mother's maiden name, security question related to first school attended can also be used as a potential tool for hacking into one's account.
Adopting her mother's maiden name, attending a new high school, and blending into the background, Katherine is going through the motions until she meets the charismatic Alice.
Her mother's maiden name was Parker, she was born in Fife Street, Gateshead, on Feb 21 1890.
Mysterious, personal and untraceable are all those words: a mother's maiden name, another mother's middle name, a much lamented pet.
On hold, on hold, on horrible hold, grateful, for once, for speakerphones, wireless, even, I walk around the house, hold bad music shrieking in my hand, up seven steps, up eight steps, to the water pitcher a glass full of carbon of carbon dating me pour water, down eight steps, down seven, hold miserable hold, waiting, waiting to find out who is this please music the likes of which I cannot describe, hold music after all, hardly Ode to Joy, hold, hold what is your mother's maiden name waiting to know who took me, certain it's a he somehow, where he--took me what is your birth date this obsession with birth with mother's name (her name was .
Applying for the certificate gives us the information that his father was Harry Ellis and his mother's maiden name was Jane Phipps.
Yencer joined the Navy as a First Class Boy, and several years after his discharge as a Landsman, he adopted the last name Bell, his mother's maiden name.
And most hackers wouldn't know my mother's maiden name.
By the way, the Butterfield moniker is a nod to Whitbeck's middle name and mother's maiden name.
I'm off to convince Pele to let me have his sort code, account number and mother's maiden name tattooed on the small of my back.