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At first motor transport was confined to wealthy automobilists, as they were called.
All India Motor Transport Congress has given call to suspend operations of goods transport and transportation services with effect from the midnight of April 1 demanding that various issues affecting transport community are resolved by March 30.
It beggars belief that we have a very narrow road bridge on Castle Farm Road, one of the main arteries to the hospital, where unprotected pedestrians have to walk along with motor transport including ambulances.
When the school moves to Wynyard the owners will want to sell the land and get a good price for it and it is inevitable that it will be used for housing development and it will add to the volume of motor transport in the vicinity.
Motor transport noise composes 80-82% of general noise level in city territories.
It won the main prize at the 2010 Motor Transport Awards - the first year it had entered the competition.
I plead with the Welsh Assembly Government to look at how we can offer alternatives on a much wider scale and stop subsidising the motor transport with the blood of innocents.
The German Motor Transport Authority (KBA) president Ekhard Zinke presented the European-wide certificates to Dr.
The 6th Motor Transport Battalion continued to support the Global War on Terrorism by providing valuable motor transport capability to multiple rotations of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Dedicated to facilitating change in a war-torn nation, SDDC troops are assigned to the 13th Sustainment Command's Military Transition Team, Motor Transport Operations, in an effort to open the door for a new generation of Iraqi Soldiers within the reformed Iraqi Army, according to Maj.
Five of these commodities, dressed lumber, metal coils, intermodal containers, heavy vehicles and machinery and large boulders, had been the focus of research conducted by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA).
At the Foothill LAPD station, Gibbs has noticed more officers have been walking to the motor transport division lately to meet the people doing such a great job washing and cleaning the interiors of their squad cars.