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MOPOMotorcycle Police (civilian slang)
MOPOMinistry of Peculiar Occurences (science fiction novel)
MOPOMotivational Poster
MOPOMinistry of Petty Offenses (peformance troupe)
MOPOMaster of the Painfully Obvious
MOPOManual of Permitted Operations (oil & gas production facitlites)
MOPOMaintenance of Plant Operations
MOPOMaternal Obesity and Pregnancy Outcome Project (UK)
MOPOMorses Pond (Wellesley, MA)
MOPOMatrix of Permitted Operations (safety and risk)
MOPOMost Podernism (art movement)
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It all seems so mundane until motorcycle police come whizzing around the corner and down the hill toward our group.
It was issued almost five years after Vorayuth allegedly left a motorcycle police officer dead after crashing into him while driving his Ferrari.
1921: The first motorcycle police patrols went on duty in London.
ERIK Estrada, made famous by playing a motorcycle police officer on TV, has been sworn in as a real member of law enforcement.
Allegedly, Eren Gerey, 23-year-old police officer in special Yunus Motorcycle Police Unit of Kocaeli BaE-iskele Provincial Police Department hit a wall in BeE-kE[micro]prE- neighborhood, located near the D-100 linking road in Sakarya's Serdivan district, and heavily injured following the accident and taken to the Training and Research Hospital of Sakarya University.
Donald Larange, Sharon Larange, Nina Paradis and Motorcycle Police Officer Anthony Larange; 12 grandchildren, F.
A motorcycle police officer who was part of President Barack Obama's convoy to a campaign event in Florida has died after being struck by a vehicle.
The sight of eight motorcycle police outriders lined up with their lights flashing was enough for Elinor to launch into a frenzied screech of 'ne naw ne naw', while she bounced up and down with delight as Warburton jogged past.
FEAST DAY OF ST TRUDPERT 1921: The first motorcycle police patrols went on duty in London.
When motorcycle police officers flagged him down, he turned off his lights and sped off on his high-powered bike.
The council CCTV camera shows the royal convoy, led by several motorcycle police outriders, slowing down as it is impeded by people in the road.
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