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Silver Linings Playbook," starring Jennifer Lawrence, who won the Oscar for Best Actress, and Bradley Cooper, was the fifth most downloaded movie of the week.
Reading The ABC Movie of the Week Companion, I remembered lots of childhood favorites, including Wake Me When the War Is Over, a dopey comedy starring Ken Berry and Eva Gabor.
The Tempest soundtrack is the fourth NBC Movie Of The Week he's contributed to this year: "I really would like to take a break, because I've been working and touring so much this year," he sighs.
That means it's a bit dull, not much more than a handsome TV movie of the week.
He and then--partner Dreux Ellis distributed Movie of the Week themselves.
Now, it's overnight: The story's on the Internet immediately, the 5 o'clock news, the TV movie of the week.
She is the author of "The Movie of the Week," recently published by the University of Minnesota Press.
A Single Man 12A THE combination of fashion boss Tom Ford's debut as a film director and a career-best performance by Colin Firth makes A Single Man my movie of the week by a mile.
We don't want a one-off toy from the movie of the week.
Next project: CBS Movie of the Week, ``Cab to Canada,'' to air in November.