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MP4MPEG Layer-4 Audio
MP4Mario Party 4 (video game)
MP4McLaren Project 4 (auto racing)
MP4Moving Picture Expert Group-4 (audio file format/extension)
MP4Massively Parallel Prototype Production Project
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Wishart had two top five albums in the 1990s with Runrig and MP4 fans believe they could end the UK's dismal Eurovision record.
In addition, MP4 Converter for Mac has multiple editing functions such as trim, crop, watermark, effect and merge.
McLaren have put some thought into making the MP4 12C and its carbon-fibre chassis more than just a high performance supercar.
We could even play the converted MP4 file on Miro player with ease.
Which at least means they have some decent lyrics, unlike Brazilian DJ MP4 - an unrelated South American dance DJ - one of whose recordings ends: 'Table, table, table, table.
The pun was overtaken by the decision of Mr Brennan to pick up his guitar and join the line-up - and MP4 was born.
Although even compressed movies currently take hours to download through all but the fastest Internet connections, bootleg MP4 files are already showing up.
MP4 files are three to four megabytes in size, and can display scrolling text messages, album cover art and hyperlinks to an online store where listeners can buy the sampled product.
The program supports more than 15 popular video input formats includes AVI, MPG, FLV, MP4, WMV, MOV and 3GP etc.
A big screen phone, model B55, includes many features like Bluetooth, MP3, MP4, video player, video recording and 2MP camera.
A SIXTH form design student has triumphed in a competition to redesign an MP4 player.