MPUCMinnesota Public Utilities Commission
MPUCMaine Public Utilities Commission
MPUCMission Planning Users Conference
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18 per share, for the November 2016 MPUC order on the allocation of North Dakota investment tax credits, a $3.
Charter Advanced does not have and has not sought authority from the MPUC to provide telecommunications service in Minnesota.
The District Court for the District of Minnesota granted Northwestern Bell's motion to dismiss the RICO claim, finding that under Superior Oil the fraudulent acts alleged were part of a "single scheme to influence MPUC commissioners.
3) To carry out a requirements analysis for the hardware and software infrastructure in MPUC for E-learning implementation.
Multiple investigators have examined vascular invasion in MPUC by using immunohistochemistry for factor VIII, Ulex europaeus, CD31, and CD34, (1,7-10) as summarized in Table 1.
The MPUC determined that utilities incur costs if their emissions exceed a certain level.
Although MPUC has been well studied in the urinary bladder, there have been only a few studies of this tumor in the upper urinary tract, including the renal pelvis and ureter.
Prairie Island Nuclear Plant EPU -- In 2009, the MPUC granted NSP-Minnesota a Certificate of Need (CON) for an EPU project at the Prairie Island nuclear generating plant.
Completion of the spin-off is subject to approval of the MPUC and the Hector principal lender.
MP will make the final decision (subject to MPUC review and approval, as applicable) in MPs sole discretion.
On June 25, 2012, Emera requested MPUC approval to increase its ownership in Algonquin to 25%.
The MPUC will maintain authority to verify compliance with the approved transitional rate plan for 5 years after the transaction is completed.