MTANMinerals Technical Advice Note (mining policy advice; Wales, UK)
MTANMidwest Tribal Aquaculture Network (est. 1992; US FWS)
MTANMaine Taxpayers Action Network
MtaNMultidrug Transporter Activation Protein
MTANMusic Therapy Association of Northridge (California)
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Gutierrez and coauthors from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein) use Vibrio cholera cells to demonstrate MTAN as a critical enzyme in the quorum sensing pathway.
These data demonstrate that transition state analogs of MTAN inhibit a key enzymatic pathway with unprecedented binding affinity and specificity, two key characteristics for effective drug design," said Dr.
Financial organisations such as MoneYou are increasingly looking to authenticate user identity through the use of mTANs in order to reduce card fraud.