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MUCICMacquarie University Centre for International Communication (Australia)
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45) Davor Mucic, "International Telepsychiatry: A Study of Patient Acceptability," Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare 14 (2008): 241-3.
The Chamber emphasized that he received daily direction from Camp Commander Mucic, he could not exercise discipline, and he could not act alone without the commander's authority.
Four individuals--Hazim Delic, Esad Landzo, Zdravko Mucic, and Zejnil Delalic--were tried.
include ascorbic acid, dehydroascorbic acid, gallic acid, ellagic acid, mucic acid, citric acid, reducing sugars, and tannin (Shrivastava & Shrivastava, 1964; Soman & Pillay, 1962).
Therefore, we have recommended increasing the dividend by 5%, said Luka Mucic, CFO at SAP.
SAP MENA's operations will be led by its regional CFO and COO in the wake of the company's MENA chief, Sam Alkharrat, being promoted to a US-based managerial position, according to Luka Mucic, global COO and CFO at SAP.
Mucic is accordingly criminally responsible for the acts of the personnel in the Celebici prison-camp, on the basis of the principle of superior responsibility.
Zdravko Mucic, who was sentenced to nine years imprisonment, was
Camp commandant Zdravko Mucic was given seven years.
At the time of the Tadic trial, there were just six other indicted Yugoslav war criminals in custody at The Hague: Croatian General Tihomir Blaskic, Bosnian Croat Zdravko Mucic, Serbian Army member Drazen Erdemovic, and Bosnian Muslims Zejnil Delalic, Hazim Delic, and Esad Landzo.
Zdrakvo Mucic, the ethnic Croat who was the camp's commander and who was listed in the March indictment as responsible for 14 murders, was arrested in Vienna.