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That is: preferred particles are transport ed inside the marginal groove proper, whereas particles destined for rejection are carried superficially in a string of mucus.
And when the pallial cavity was entered through the pedal gape, the foot usually touched the OIT, coating it with mucus.
1]), particles are sometimes carried along the ventral margin in clumps of mucus.
Particles transported in the superficial groove are embedded in a string of mucus, up to 80 [micro]m thick (Figs.
Particles transported anteriorly inside the marginal groove proper are also embedded in a string of mucus (Figs.
Once the ball of mucus and particles reaches a particular size, the palps push or "clap" the ball away.
When mussels were fed high concentrations of a combination of both desirable and unacceptable particles (Microcystis and Scenedesmus), the ball of mucus that forms near the palp apices was drawn back between the palp lamellae and once again dispersed.