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A more realistic option is a multi-speed effort whereby the eurozone countries can move ahead, while others are allowed to wait.
As these examples demonstrate, adopting a multi-speed talent strategy means that HR now needs to (1) understand which parts of the employee lifecycle need to be tailored, while (2) determining which parts can be standardized, modularized and reused.
It means that Lithuania will be at the core of the EU, despite all the mumbling by Lithuanian Foreign Minister Linas Linkevicius, who describes his position in the following way: 'We are against a multi-speed EU, because some EU Member States can leave, but we want to be at the core of the EU, among the best.
Fundamentally, the relevance of multi-speed transmissions for EVs is based on the criteria of low cost, high degree of reliability and mechanical efficiency, as well as compliance with consumer's needs.
However, a multi-speed transmission allows the motor to run at lower speed, eliminating the field-weakening power loss-worth 10-15% reduction in power consumption--but allowing the power electronics and motor to be smaller and lower-cost.
Max+ series 1000:1 constant torque (TENV) motors are also suitable replacements for multi-speed motors, single-phase motors, and as a variable speed upgrade for standard fixed speed motor systems.
Evolute Drives, which aims to make multi-speed gearboxes for electric vehicles;
A developer and manufacturer of electric motors, generators and power electronic controllers, UQM Technologies Inc (NYSE MKT:UQM) declared today that it is collaborating with Kinetics Drive Solutions Inc, to offer an efficient integrated electric motor and multi-speed transmission system for commercial vehicle applications that will benefit from a full system approach.
In its Corporate Banking Benchmarking Report, BCG highlights a multi-speed world for the corporate banking divisions of banks across the globe and highlights positive growth for GCC markets in this context.
Generally, a packaged rooftop unit serving a single zone has three fan control options: constant-speed control, multi-speed control, and variable -speed control.
Since the crisis, we see a multi-speed recovery in the region," said Philippe Le Houerou, World Bank Vice President for the Europe and Central Asia region.
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