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MDRMinimum Daily Requirement (Diet & Nutrition)
MDRMitteldeutscher Rundfunk (German Radio and TV Station)
MDRMort de Rire (French: Died of Laughing)
MDRMedical Device Reporting
MDRMarina del Rey (Southern California)
MDRMarket Data Retrieval
MDRMonatsschrift für Deutsches Recht (German magazine)
MDRMaster of Dispute Resolution (Pepperdine University School of Law; Malibu, CA)
MDRMouvement Démocratique Républicain (Democratic Republican Movement, Rwanda)
MDRMultifactor Dimensionality Reduction
MDRMedium Data Rate
MDRMemory Data Register
MDRMeta Data Repository
MDRMandatory Declassification Review
MDRMovement for the Defense of the Republic (Cameroon)
MDRMerchant Discount Rate
MDRMission Data Recorder
MDRManhattan Diagnostic Radiology
MDRMinimum Design Requirement
MDRMajor District Road (India)
MDRMilestone Decision Review
MDRMilitaire du Rang (all grades under sergeant in the French army)
MdRMitglied des Reichstags (German: member of parliament; before 1933)
MDRMaster Data Record
MDRMaintenance Data Recorder (aviation; records equipment discrepancies during flight)
MDRMercury Displacement Relay
MDRMarginal Deduction Rate (UK)
MDRMaximum Detectable Rigidity (spectrometer)
MDRMission Design Review
MDRMiniature Donkey Registry
MDRMissed Detection Rate
MDRMaster Document Register
MDRMini-Disc Recordable
MDRMedical Device Record
MDRMateriel Deficiency Report
MDRMicrocircuit Device Reliability
MDRManufacturing Data Report
MDRMinimum Design Rule(s)
MDRMedian Detection Range
MDRMidi Data Recorder (Yamaha)
MDRMagic Decoder Ring
MDRMorrendo de Rir (Portuguese)
MDRMaximum Distance with Respect to Rank
MDRMonthly Demand Rate
MDRManufacturer Defect Report
MDRManagement, Development and Research Co, Ltd
MDRMaintainability Demonstration Report
MDRMeteorological Doppler Radar
MDRMaintenance Data Report/ing
MDRMean Detection Range
MDRMission Data Readout (satellite operations)
MDRMission Data Review
MDRMicrowave Dielectric Resonator
MDRMillion Dollar Roundtable (insurance industry)
MDRMonthly Document Report
MDRModal Damping Ratio
MDRManagement Data Report
mdrMachinedrijver (Dutch)
MDRMovimiento para la de Defensa de la República
MDRMandatory Device Reporting Program (Center for Device and Radiological Health; US FDA)
MDRMain Distribution Room
MDRMaximum Deceleration Rate
MDRMain Dining Room
MDRMHS (Military Health System) Data Repository (US DoD)
MDRMultiple Dwelling Registration
MDRMembership Drive Rally
MDRMount Device Request
MDRMemories, Dreams, Reflections (Carl Jung book)
MDRMaternal Death Rate
MDRMortgage Default Rate
MDRMulti Drug Resistance (of a disease; medical)
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Incidence of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis disease in children: systematic review and global estimates.
TAXIS Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing novel antibiotics to combat the growing threat of multidrug-resistant bacteria.
Evaluation of young children in contact with adult multidrug-resistant pulmonary tuberculosis: A 30-month follow-up.
With its enhanced potency against multidrug-resistant strains, favorable pharmacokinetics, and greater stability, TXA709 clearly stands apart from other antibiotic agents," stated Mr.
Definitions of types of drug-resistant tuberculosis (DR-TB) Type Definition Multidrug-resistant TB Resistance to isoniazid (MDR-TB) and rifampicin (21) Extensively drug-resistant TB MDR-TB plus resistance to (XDR-TB) any fluoroquinolone and any second-line injectable (either kanamycin, amikacin or capreomycin) (21) Pre-extensively drug-resistant MDR-TB resistant to either TB (pre-XDR-TB) a second-line injectable drug or a fluoroquinolone Extremely drug-resistant TB These terms have been used (XXDR-TB) or Totally by various authors to drug-resistant TB (TDR-TB) describe strains with more extensive patterns of resistance (to all first-line and second-line drugs).
17 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the study found that 81 percent of the 26 health departments reporting multidrug-resistant TB in 2005-2010 faced difficulties procuring second-line drugs.
Many multidrug-resistant strains, they spread from one patient to another (because) we take our patient on a tour," he said, noting the pathway taken by patients at hospitals include the emergency, surgery, intensive care, recovery ward to the convalescent ward.
The sample of septic fluid punctured for microbiological cultures showed the growth of Acinetobacter baumannii multidrug-resistant strains non susceptible to imipenem.
The World Health Organisation issued a warning saying multidrug-resistant TB and an even more lethal form - extensively drus g-resistant TB - is spreading at an "alarming rate across Europe".
Almost 12% of newly diagnosed patients with TB have the multidrug-resistant form, as do 37% of those who have previously been treated for TB.
Current control and treatment of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii infections.
In a report by researchers at the Hebrew Senior Life Institute for Aging, multidrug-resistant gram-negative (MDRGN) bacteria are becoming a greater problem as a source of treatment-resistant infection in long-term care (LTC) facilities than methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureas (MRSA) or vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE).
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