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MISPMinimum Initial Service Package (reproductive health)
MISPMassage in Schools Programme (est. 2000)
MISPMedically Indigent Services Program
MISPMaster in International Studies in Philanthropy
MISPMobile Internet Service Provider
MISPMalware Information Sharing Project (est. 2011)
MISPMotion Imagery Standards Profile
MISPMint in Sealed Package (collectors)
MISPManaged Internet Service Provider
MISPMultiple Instruction Stream Processor
MISPMen in Scoring Position
MISPMultiple Internet Service Provider
MISPMedical Information System Programs
MISPMAJCOM Information Systems Plan
MISPMulti-year Incentive Special Pay (US DoD)
MISPMaster Information Systems Plan
MISPMulti-Year Integrated Statistical Plan (World Bank)
MISPManagement Information System Plan
MISPMedical Imaging Symposium for PhD Students (Netherlands)
MISPMaster of Interdisciplinary Studies Program (Wayne State University)
MISPMinistry Information Security Program (Syria)
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Well, the price of Internet connections varies from provider to provider, but in areas where there are multiple Internet service providers you can expect that competition will tend to keep prices lower.
A staff report by the Information Technology Agency concluded that it would be technically possible to allow multiple Internet service providers to share cable lines, but recommended that the city take a wait-and-see approach before regulating the market.
Tenders are invited for seeking multiple internet service providers to provide access to two locations.
Contract award notice: object manager is to establish a network and security system, which includes the purchase of equipment for the expansion of network and security systems, physical installation and connection of equipment, configuration switches for receiving infrastructure components, installation and configuration of security devices, electricity distribution network traffic, virtual router, connecting to multiple internet service providers and prepare the prerequisites for connecting components of the system to the internet.
Multiple Internet Service Providers can connect at a single IXP, creating the potential for a range of technical and economic benefits for the local internet community, he pointed out.
exchange platform builds on AMS-IX s Internet Exchange model in Europe, allowing multiple Internet service providers, content owners, cloud companies, and other Internet-related companies to efficiently and cost-effectively interconnect via an open peering fabric.
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