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MVSMultiple Virtual Storage (IBM mainframe operating system)
MVSMobile Voice System (Blackberry)
MVSMicrosoft Visual Studio
MVSMotor Vehicle Services
MVSMennonite Voluntary Service
MVSMultiple Virtual System
MVSMulti Video System (SNK)
MVSMcAfee Virus Scan
MVSMuzzle Velocity System
MVSMobile Video System
MVSMaster of Veterinary Studies
MVSMine Ventilation Services, Inc.
MVSManaged Voice Services
MVSManufacture de Voitures de Sport (French car manufacturer)
MVSMan Versus System
MVSMultiple Vibration System
MVSMultiple Video Streams
MVSModularized Vehicle Simulation
MVSMaritime Vessel Stopper
MVSMechanized Vibrating Screen Manufacturers Association
MVSMissile Velocity Servo
MVSMinimum Visual Signal
MVSMechanical Vibration System
MVSMagnetic Voltage Stabilizer
MVSMean Vibration Seconds
MVSModular Video System
MVSMutual Visual System
MVSMolecular Vibrational State
MVSMolecular Vibrational Spectrometer (spectroscopic analysis)
MVSMaster of Vocational Studies
MVSMoon Valley Software (California)
MVSMachine Vision System
MVSMarket Value Structure
MVSMulti Vendor Shipping
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As Matt Kelly explained: "The optical sorter's Advanced Multivision Inspection System is a key element, driving its phenomenal sorting performance.
explains Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital on the need for such types of peer to peer messages.
3D MultiVision software makes real-time bin data available across the entire organization to improve purchasing, logistics, operational decision making and financial management.
One product, Gut Helper, marketed by a consumer products subsidiary of a multinational drug company and advertised on multivision for more than a year, has a suit claiming a lack of proper evidence to support the digestive and immune boosting claims.
The customer then contacts Multivision for the start up of their service as well as any issues with accessing and maintaining an Internet connection.
Multivision has a presence in more than 160 media markets in the U.
After about a year, our attorney informed us that we could never copyright or trademark Multivision.
GLA is made up of Venezuela's Cisneros Group, Brazil's Television Abril, Mexico's MVS Multivision and Los Angeles based Hughes Communications Inc.
Two such companies, Medcom and Multivision, were licensed last year to offer DTH service in Mexico.
Long-term deals with Moser Baer, Euro Multivision, Solar Semiconductor and Indo Solar establish Linde's subsidiary BOC India as leading supplier to photovoltaic manufacturers
A source told Multivision Multimedia that the Bollywood actress' peppy song befitted the tone of the movie where four guys well into their 60's are just trying to have fun and choose Las Vegas as their destination.
25-28 convention in Denver, LG's technology leadership was evident -- from the 50-inch plasma screens in the DNC Media Pavilion to LCD multivision displays in Denver's Pepsi Center, where the convention was held.