MUNSMunitions Squadron
MUNSMagnum Universal Night Sight (OmniTech Partners, Inc.)
MUNSMulti-User Narrowband System
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Emily Colbeck, from Crosland Moor, won with her delectable white chocolate and raspberry iced mun, whilst Azra Hussain, from Paddock, got people drooling over her gluten free samosas.
Industry sources said there are roughly 60 such public kitchens in Sharjah alone, with each making approximately 30 muns each day during Ramadan.
There were delegates from other countries who had attended close to 17 Harvard MUNs, whereas we had attended a few sessions at the country level.
There are restrictions as to what we can and cannot say, since some nations are for legalising euthanasia while others are against it," law student and MUN veteran Divya Dhankar said.
With quiet ease Jessika Muns glides across the stage, then drops her head to her knees just as two fellow dancers lift a third to scamper across her back.
There are around 60 such kitchens in Sharjah, with each making an average of about 30 muns each day during Ramadan.
Muns is this year's producer, responsible for begging, scrounging and buying the materials for the haunted house.
Former Wales skipper Llewellyn had told us, following the Welsh All Blacks Heineken Cup exit at Leicester, he would prefer to have been playing Gloucester or London Irish at the weekend rather than the Gwent club as a warm-up to next Saturday's Celtic League final with Muns e r.
Ron Muns, founder of HDI and recently returned association owner, says, "The opportunity to contribute our grass roots expertise to the benchmark is a perfect fit with our mission of being the collection place for true, open standards and metrics for the IT support industry.
The offences took place in the vestry of St Muns RC Church, Ballachulish, and a room at the Church of the Good Shepherd, Kinloch- leven, both Argyll.
This literary biography contains a large amount of previously unpublished material, much of which was donated to Delor i Muns by Espriu himself before his death and which allowed her to demonstrate new nuances and overtones in the writer's early works.
Plano Mayor James Muns referred the proposal to the Youth Advisory Commission.