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MUSARMichigan Urban Search and Rescue
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Within this context the nominal term musar refers to the content of wisdom while its verbal conjugations point to the means of attaining or imbuing this content.
CURT LEVIANT: Let's turn now to your novel, The Yeshiva, in which the Musar movement plays an important role.
Musar began in Lithuania in the 19th century as a reaction to the extremely scholarly, text-focused Jewish culture that dominated.
jour de decembre mil VC quatre vingt douze, Paris, Jehan Musar, 1593, p.
It also has a Chteau Musar white which is chock full of citrus fruits but leaves a rich, generous finish.
There will be refreshments served after the show including a Lebanese wine, Chateau Musar, generously donated by Broadbent Selections.
Without hesitation, I'd select a 1966 Chateau Musar from Lebanon.
Such patients will not benefit from a musar schmooze (ethics talk) or a humra (strict interpretation).
We need more books of musar and behavior, informed by our historic and traditional sensibilities.
Attendees might get the chance to taste a Chateau Musar from Lebanon, a sparkling red from Italy or a Tempranillo from California.
Riesling is also recommended as a match for lighter Chinese dishes and meals containing ginger while stronger flavoured reds such as Chateau Musar from the Lebanon make a punchy drink to go with pork and beef.
Recommending a good red wine to fan, he enthused: "For drinking wines, I like the Paulliacs and the St Juliens or Chateau Musar in the higher range.