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MUSYAMultiple-Use Sustained Yield Act (forestry)
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modeled on MUSYA, it also required the BLM to promulgate regulations to
Musya and three young children were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
21) The engine which has propelled the development of these clearer diversity standards has been the NFMA's diversity provision rather than the MUSYA, which is still regarded mostly as a silent partner.
policies and multiple use mandates of the Organic Act and MUSYA.
consideration," however, MUSYA gave little guidance to the agency
186) Preventing the depletion and destruction of forest commodities remained the primary factors that influenced forest policy until the 1960s, when MUSYA reflected the beginning of what has become a national debate over the competing uses for public lands.
43) Although MUSYA placed "wildlife and fish" on an equal level with other forest resources,(44) Congress offered no guidance as to how the Forest Service was to balance the often conflicting mandate to manage multiple resources.
Anton Skvortsov, 35, kept his pet alligator Musya in a cage in his Moscow office but, after boozing with colleagues at an office party, he thought it would be a good idea to show them how much his pet loved him and he opened the cage to feed the animal by hand.
Among the many telling examples by Musya Glants is the painting by Vasili Perov, "Tea-Drinking in Mytishchi, near Moscow," which depicts a corpulent prelate stuffing his face while a crippled war veteran and a boy dressed in rags plead for food, a moving statement about social inequalities in Russia.
Under MUSYA, the Forest Service experimented with planning to coordinate conflicting uses.