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MUSYAMultiple-Use Sustained Yield Act (forestry)
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Mr Musya said the men could not be saved as it was raining heavily, the area was flooded and the river had burst its banks.
Wyoming reasserted its MUSYA claim as an alternate ground for affirming the district court's injunction of the Roadless Rule, arguing that the Roadless Rule was inconsistent with MUSYA purposes because it applied a "one size fits all approach.
Musya Giants pays particular attention to Antokolsky's constant struggle between his devotion to Russia and the lifelong commitment to his people and gives an account of the artist as a notable Jewish social and cultural figure, a thinker and essayist whose art reveals his longing for peoples reconciliation and overcoming of historical alienation.
Thus, when Musya invites her husband's old school chum Vikentiy (Yuri Stepanov, a balding, roly-poly version of the handsome, absent-minded scientist of Govorukhin's Stalinist-era "Not by Bread Alone") to a matchmaking dinner, the shy parasitologist ("how romantic," Anna sighs mischievously) finds himself immensely entertained throughout the evening, drawn out of his intellectual shell by copious rounds of vodka and conversation.
See WILKINSON & ANDERSON, supra note 4, at 30-31 (describing the dual planning processes that the Forest Service developed in response to the MUSYA as the "parents of the integrated land and resource planning" in NFMA).
Skvortsov said: "We had all had dinner and I thought my beautiful Musya should have some as well.
Musya Glants, "Food as Art: Painting in Late Soviet Russia," in Glants and Toomre, Food in Russian History and Culture, 218.
Under MUSYA, the Forest Service experimented with planning to coordinate conflicting uses.
In particular, MUSYA provides that the national forests "shall be administered for outdoor recreation, range, timber, watershed and wildlife and fish purposes" (Multiple-Use Sustained-Yield Act of 1960 [sections]1).
MUSYA essentially follows the utilitarian code popularized by
Musya Giants and Joyce Stetson Toomre (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1997), 177-94, esp.
Police Chief James Hurley said a 2005 Dodge sedan, driven west on Route 9 by Cynthia Musya, 24, of 80 Locust Ave.