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MyHCBeta-Myosin Heavy Chain (gene protein)
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The method to select primer sequences for isoforms of the MyHC gene was based on the study by Peuker and Pette [30].
After 48 h of cultivation, the myocytes were collected for muscle fiber type related isoforms of MyHC gene expression analysis.
The psoas major muscle MyHC I mRNA and MyHC IIx mRNA expression level from TCMF1, as well as the MyHC I mRNA, MyHC IIa mRNA, and MyHC IIx mRNA expression level from TCMF2, increased compared to the control group (p<0.
In order to reveal the effects of postnatal growth stages on MyHC expression, we selected several key ages including postnatal 7 days (2.
Analysizing protein expressions of four adult MyHC genes in longissimus muscle
The concentration of each MyHC was determined by an USCNLIFETM ELISA kit produced by Wuhan EIAab Technology Co.
Their findings demonstrated the importance of muscle-derived BDNF in the survival and maturation of a subpopulation of motor neurons, and the significance of MyHC IIB muscle fibers during neonatal development of the neuromuscular junction.
In vivo experiments need to be conducted in order to establish the contribution of the signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms discussed above to pathophysiological alterations in MyHC isoforms.
To determine the type of MyHC isoforms expressed in the soleus muscles, and the change in expression following exercise, we performed SDS-PAGE and specifically examined the levels and expression patterns of MyHC- IIA, IIB, IIX, and MyHC-I.
2007) our results indicate that the MyHC isoforms, expressed in each of the studied NMCs, are relevant attributes in meat quality development because they influence perimortem metabolism.
values, red fibre percentages (I-IIa MyHC isoforms) and oxyhaemoglobin values.
Specificity of MAbs against adult skeletal MyHC isoforms used in this study and immunohistochemical characterization of pure skeletal muscle fibre types in pig (I, IIA, IIX and IIB types) according to the MyHC isoform they express MAbs Dilution I IIa IIx IIb References BA-F8 1:10 + - - - Graziotti et al.