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MYF5Myogenic Factor 5
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Lentivirus-mediated RNA interference of myostatin gene affects MyoD and Myf5 gene expression in duck embryonic myoblasta.
In vertebrate skeletal muscle cells, the key transcription factors MyoD and Myf5 control cell-cycle withdrawal and induction of differentiation.
The PCR results indicated that after 7 days, compared with untreated cells, 5-azacytidine--treated cells demonstrated increased expression levels of various cardiac- and skeletal muscle-specific genes, including [alpha]-cardiac actin, troponin T, Myf5, and myogenin.
Los iniciadores para amplificar el segmento del gen MYF5 se seleccionaron a partir de la informacion publica suministrada por Li et al.
To investigate the expression profiles of miR-127-3p during C2C12 cell proliferation, we determined expression of miR-127-3p and myogenic marker genes (MyoD, MyoG, Myf5, Mef2c, and Myosin) in C2C12 myoblasts in the proliferation medium for 0, 1, 3, 5, and 7 days by real-time RT-PCR.
It is shown that MyoD and Myf5 are factors involved in determination of myogenic cells, whereas MyoG and Mrf4 are more likely associated with terminal differentiation and homeostasis of myofibers (Singh and Dilworth, 2013).
Related expression of MyoD and Myf5 with myosin heavy chain isoform types in bovine adult skeletal muscles.
The sequence of forward and reverse primers used for detection of MyoD, Myf5, Myogenin, desmin, and many of the differentially expressed proteins from our proteomic analysis are given in Table 1.
Myogenic properties of BSC were also determined by their mRNA expression levels of myogenic markers like MyoD, Myf5 and myogenin and Figure 2 shows the levels of all the three myogenic markers in BSC.